Operations Plan In A Business Plan

Sample milestones include expected dates when: Additional text should be used, where necessary, to support the projections laid out in the chart.

The milestone projections presented in the Operations Plan must be consistent with the projections in the Financial Plan.

For instance, Wal-Mart has a unique distribution system to effectively move products from its warehouses to its stores, and finally to its customers’ homes.

Technology products manufacturers have processes to convert raw materials into finished products.

For wholesalers, distribution can consist of agreements with transportation providers, for example, while retailers may distribute goods to storefronts using an internal distribution network.

For service providers, detail where and how you will perform services.

An operating plan is a specific outline of how your business will conduct its operations.

More specifically, the plan covers details such as inventory sourcing, manufacturing processes, distribution and anything else directly related to making, acquiring, storing and delivering goods (or providing services).

Detail your direct costs and gross profitability in your operating plan, even though other sections of your business plan cover financial considerations in greater depth.

After covering your cost of goods sold, expand on your pricing model and its significance in your marketing efforts.


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