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For example, withholding food, warmth in cold weather, or proper housing is considered neglectful.

For example, withholding food, warmth in cold weather, or proper housing is considered neglectful.

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Adults who sexually abuse children typically know the kids beforehand.

Rarely will a sexual abuser pick a child at random.

It's hard to imagine someone intentionally hurting a child.

Yet nearly 1 million children are abused every year just in the United States alone.

This also includes: Abandonment is a type of neglect.

This is when a child is left alone for extended periods of time or suffers serious harm because no one was looking after him or her.And these are only the reported incidents of child abuse — many more cases are unreported and undetected, often because children are afraid to tell somebody who can help.Most of the time, kids know their abusers and the abuse happens in the home. They may feel trapped by the affection they feel for their abusers or fearful of the power the abusers have over them — so they stay silent.It's the leading cause of death in child abuse cases in the U. Most incidents last just a few seconds, but that's enough time to cause brain damage or even kill a baby.Sexual abuse happens when a child is raped or forced to commit a sexual act.Emotional abuse or psychological abuse is a pattern of behavior that has negative effects on a child's emotional development and sense of self-worth.Ignoring a child or withholding love, support, or guidance is considered emotional abuse.Multiple bruises or those that keep coming back, black eyes, and broken bones are certainly red flags, but other signs — like a child's emotional health — are also telling.Here are some ways that kids who are being abused might react: Other kids might not act out in the typical ways, but will avoid going home after school or doing any activity that would cause them to spend time alone with the abuser.That's why it's especially important to be able to recognize the signs of child abuse.Child abuse happens when a parent or other adult causes serious physical or emotional harm to a child.


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