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The first example of global, economic, and technological development makes change an inevitable element of organizational life.

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The lack of design will have disastrous consequences (Koontz & Weihrich, 1990). Consequently, by combining strategy to Human Resources, NASA will be on the being inevitable is the true culture of Dupont (Palmer et al., 2009).

Koontz and Weihrich (1990) Organizational development as well as management coincide with one another. Change Approaches The Organization Development (OD) approach in the Dupont story is shown by manager Tom Harris in his desire to improve overall organization effectiveness (Palmer et al., 2009, p. One of the characteristics of OD is that “it aims at improving the effectiveness of the organization in order to help it achieve its mission” (Palmer et al., 2009, p.

However, in today’s paradigms, there are specialists whom develop techniques to deliver the perfect organizational systems.

Many theorist beliefs are contrary to those of classical theorists.

In today’s organizational development, the implementation is as different as the personalities of those who regulated the various organizations Schermerhorn et al. Nevertheless, the new idea about OD implementation is perhaps fuel by the development of the contingency theory.

The contingency theory is in direct contrast to the writings of the classical scholars, e.g. However, in light of the contingency theory, other components give more understanding as to develop an organization that is more effective.According to Olum (2004) Organizational, development has occurred since the time people organized to perform unified tasks.Without a management system, work would be sporadic and completion dates would be inauspicious and slow if they progressed at all.To learn more or modify/prevent the use of cookies, see our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy.Organizational development (OD) is an application or process of building a greater level of efficiency within the organization.Organizational change includes such concepts as first-order; incremental, continuous change informal group also plays a key role in the development of the organization, the informal culture can hinder the growth of an organization."Power and Politics are indisputable facts of social and organizational life that must be understood for organizational success." (Walumbra, Power and Politics in organizations: implications for OD professional practice) At S&F politics and power also play a key role in the company.What terms and/or concepts are common to many OD definitions? They involve a preliminary evaluation of the organization’s opportunities for development, while establishing a collaborative relationship .Understanding the appropriate change method for the client was an essential part of Kindred’s job functions, which she knew from the start, she could not do on her own.Change is a pervasive, perisitent, and permenant condition for all organizations (Gibson, et al., 2009).Organizational change means different things, and strategic renewal comes in different forms.


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