Othello Thesis Questions

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Even though he has great success in the battlefield, he has a dramatic flaw that causes a downfall in his life.

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“She, dying, gave it me, and bid me, when my fate would have me wive; to give her.” Desdemona and Othello confess their love for one another in hopes of a blissful life together....

[tags: Othello] - Othello, the Moor of Venice published in 1622 by William Shakespeare, one of the greatest writers known in English literature.

Othello is one of the most extraordinary characters in all of Shakespeare’s dramas.

He enjoyed unheralded success in the combat zone, which gave him the reputation as one of Venice’s most competent generals.

Proof: Point Two: Othello is jealous as Desdemona shares her love with someone else.

Proof: Point Three: Iago engineers himself to become jealous of Othello for apparently sleeping with Emilia.The films adaption, as in Shakespeare play, he makes the handkerchief significant to the plot.Othello’s mother gave him the handkerchief on her dying bed to give to the women he marries.Proof: Concluding Sentence: Third Body Paragraph Introductory Sentence: Point One: Iago accuses Cassio of having an affair with Desdemona, and Othello makes him his lieutenant as he believes him to be honest and trustworthy.Proof: Point Two: Iago manipulates Emilia by telling her to give him the handkerchief causing Desdemona’s death.[tags: othello] - Othello and Desdemona started their life together thinking it was to be forever.The handkerchief symbolizes the start of a new generation, a token of their union and ultimately determines their fate and the main characters lives being changed by the events.Not only did Iago not directly say Desdemona was having an affair, he neither didn’t give proof to confirm the rumours.By Othello believing the lies, it surfaces his inability to trust and have faith in his own wife.Othello is the story of love, deception, and power....[tags: othello] - Iago is a complex character that takes evil to a whole new level in the 1600’s and plays a key role in this tale.


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