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When I choose a sheet of paper it is because it inspires and arouses in me emotions that I translate by sculpting the paper.

“If one were to glue everything back together,” she says, “one would have one simple sheet of paper.

The multiple cut-outs give an idea of profusion and seem to quiver when exposed to light.”We had the chance to chat with Collin about how she began creating incredible art, her process, and how light plays a huge role in her work. When did you start crafting bas-relief sculptures out of paper?

Then during my years at ESAG Penninghen (2007-2011) in interior design, I discovered a multitude of new papers by making my project models.

Paper became more than a support, it was a real material because of its thickness, its texture, its hue.

They were already familiar with the terms “shape” and “form,” but we discussed the difference between the two to refresh our memories.

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Shapes are 2-D (height and width) and forms are 3-D (height, width, and depth.) For this project, 6th graders created forms out by creating paper shapes and folding, rolling, bending, and sculpting them into 3-D forms.I asked 6th graders to try to create organic compositions so that their paper forms looked like they were coming to life.6th graders had all their little pieces…now it was time for them to piece them together in a way that tells a story. I scarred it with my cutter to evoke marble, wood, etc.Once I graduated I continued to develop this technique of sculpted papers in parallel with my work in an agency at Gilles & Boissier.After a little bit of playing around and experimenting, I asked students to select their favorite form they created and mass-produce 50 versions of the form!I enjoyed walking around the room and seeing each child immersed in his/her own process.It was interesting to see which shapes/forms students gravitated to and how they were created.The art room turned into a little factory where all of these delicate shapes sprung to life.I wanted to discover all that was hidden in the thickness of a simple sheet of watercolor paper by sculpting with scalpels (tools of my father stomatologist).When you begin a piece, do you have a motif in mind, or do the abstract shapes form organically?


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