Passage To Marabar Caves Essay

The Marabar Caves represent the mysterious depths of Indian spirituality, which cannot be grasped by Westerners.

The Caves signify a cultural divide, a kind of stumbling block that negates all efforts to circumvent it.

Fielding considers that Adela may have suffered from a hallucination, a theory that may be quite close to the mark.

Perhaps in the case of Adela, the Marabar cave she entered might symbolize the depths of the unconscious mind.

But just before the trial, the echo she has been hearing in her mind ever since the incident finally goes away. Then at the trial, Mc Bryde's logical, sequential questioning brings her back to the rational world of facts and evidence.

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It also brings back a sense of justice and fairness that had been obscured by her mental confusion.

However, he feels a trifle uncomfortable with the emotional Aziz, because his own nature is more reserved, and he does not usually form close friendships.

But the friendship does not survive unscathed, partly because the two men are so different in temperament.

For these two Westerners, the caves break down their conscious, carefully constructed personalities and lay bare what is under the surface.

Adela is a somewhat reserved, even repressed character.


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