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He checks himself out of the hospital to fulfill his dream.The discernment process consists of four basic principles; incarnation, to give and be given up, universality, and communion.Throughout the movie it is easy to see how his character grows and uses the discernment process to bring meaning to his life as well as others he came in contact with. At the mental hospital Patch is able take the time needed to make a clear choice on what he will do with his life with his head and his heart.

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Plagued with the uncertainties of life, he realized that he needed to get medical help.Critics carp that the movie shamelessly plays for laughter and tears, that Robin Williams has played one too many schmaltzy roles or once too often as a doctor, or that the plot is too weak or the love interest too cool, etc., etc.There’s a grumbling, grudging quality to all these reviews.What is the meaning of a Patch Adams in America, at this time in our cultural history?One story that resonates in most of the psyches of the world is the idea of the little man who successfully defeats the giant (David and Goliath, Jack and the Beanstalk, etc.).From the roiling confusion of mental illness, he experiences an epiphany of his life and purpose, and begins forming ideas about how to make a difference.He does medical school his way, including joy and laughter and high creativity in his daily rounds.The principle of incarnation and death reminds us that not to waste time but to manifest our love here and now because there may not be another chance.(Wolff 125) Giving and being given up is exactly that, giving evrything possible to improve the human condition while accepting others and being able to serve them with a truer love.(Wolff 125) Universality is being able to view all humans regardless of race, ethicity, and background as equal. When we as human being unite, it is then that we can love everyone.Patch clearly shows us how he was able to incorporate the are four criteria of the discernment process.Later on that evening he helps his roommate Rudy kill the imaginary squirrels.It is at that moment that Patch realizes the answer that he has been searching for.


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