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But the peer edit can be so beneficial in enhancing your writing.

We may often think of "peer review" in terms of journal articles that have been analyzed and approved for accuracy.

While your paper won't require that same heightened, professional level of critique, bringing it to one of your peers—whether a classmate, a friend, a mentor—can enhance your research paper greatly.

Here, we share about the importance of incorporating a peer review process for both the author and the reviewer.

They don't know for certain what direction your paper will go or what your arguments are.

This new, objective perspective brings great value in revision.

As a reviewer, one of the first things you want to be sure to notice in the paper is if you can figure out who the paper is addressing.

The audience of the paper should be evident in reference to the topic, the tone of the paper and the type of language used.

For example, if the paper contains a lot of jargon and industry-specific language, you could infer that the audience would be familiar with those terms.

If not, you may want to suggest using less jargon or explaining the terms used.


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