Percussion Assignment Chart

Percussion Assignment Chart-41
Neatly arranged and well maintained equipment sets the tone for the rehearsal and the year.Show the percussionists where the instruments should be placed at the first rehearsal, and insist on that “set up” for each rehearsal throughout the school year.

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The students and the director will quickly see where everything is, or isn’t, and waste a minimum amount of rehearsal time if only one “set up” is used.Drum Set Place the drum set as close to the center of the band as possible for good ensemble balance and precision.For music involving drum set style parts, placing a suspended cymbal to the right of the snare drum and a high hat on the left, will allow the snare drummer to play the music with a more convincing “feel.” Only two players (bass and snare) need to coordinate the part rhythmically.Inside the Section “Bookend” your section with the bass drum and the chimes.Percussion performance is very visual, and the section can use peripheral vision to help coordinate entrances.Placing the timpani as close to these instruments as possible will improve ensemble rhythm and intonation.Bass Drum and Cymbals Bass drum and crash cymbals work as a team.The results are directly proportional to the persistence of the teacher.The good news is that in the end, less rehearsal time will be spent setting up and searching for instruments, and more time will be spent making music.Set these instruments behind, or near the upper woodwinds since composers typically orchestrate these two groups together.Vibes and marimba are used less often, usually in slower and less rhythmic passages.


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