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Concept learning begins at a child’s birth and proceeds all through its lifetime period.It is further noted that concept learning only happens in the following ways, i.e., concept formation and assimilation.

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However, I have found myself moving in the opposite direction – upstream as it were, as one would move towards a source – where there are fewer written words, where perceiving is a form of thinking and spoken language prompts perception – a site for reflection perhaps.

Functionalities offered by new technology can create fields where thinking and feeling and perceiving might come together to create material of a kind that is complementary to that created in the field of logos.

There is, for me, some merit in holding such a generic view – a ‘möbius’ view, perhaps, whose properties can endure difference, or a long distance view that, upon closer inspection, can accommodate more detailed definitions.

This generic view, constructed by a body and imagery and their mutual co-operation, is, in my understanding, shared by both performer(s) and participant(s) (however one wants to define the participant – audience, spectator, witness, neighbour, activist, friend).

Likewise I have found it useful to think of image or imagery not as something belonging solely to different art forms but as ‘possibilities rendered present’…

possible narratives, possible patterns of behaviour, possible co-existences and empathies, possible movement configurations, possible re-arrangements of a person’s perceptual equipment in what she or he can hear and see, feel, think and say; crucially, I have found it useful to observe that such possibilities can, at times, be rendered present to us, through preparation, skill and creation.Several problems also characterize concept learning; for instance, lack of knowledge theories that may assist in inferring knowledge impacts.Additionally, it is tricky to have an extensive conceptualization of the factors that led to the attainment of knowledge.There exist a considerable difference between learning and performance.Learning is influenced by factors such as training, rewards, partial reinforcement, and interstimulus time; whereas, performance is influenced by motivations and individual effort (Benjamin, 2007).They studied the theories of learning beginning from immaturity stage until the adult periods.Ultimately, they represented their findings in writing, which was later published for other educational purposes.Imagery is, in my view, to do with what in us will enable us to survive ‘alive’ at this point of intersection between ourselves and the world.An anthropomundic view (where mundus is the world) rather than an anthropocentric view, sometimes associated with Performance. Many of my colleagues employ written discourse to offer the intelligence of their insights and their arguments.And I am aware of the amount of writing and thinking, of analysis and naming, currently being undertaken concerning performance in an expanded field; in my opinion, greatly extending our understanding of what performance might be, though the challenge as to what constitutes the discipline of performance, for me, remains.


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