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When you don’t have a vision, a plan, or a goal, where does your attention go?For most people, attention goes to entertainment and distraction. Television shows, films, video games, and social media hook the primitive parts of our brain.

You know, the one from those late night infomercials?

I was 18, and this audio program made a measurable difference in my outlook and behavior.

A reliable map of human potential wasn’t readily available in the early 90s.

The fields of transpersonal psychology, developmental psychology, integral theory, and neuroscience, however, were converging on an answer.

Before we jump in, here’s a quick overview of the steps for creating your plan: Step 1: Learn the Human Potential Landscape Step 2: Dream and Create Your Vision Step 3: Select your Areas of Focus Step 4: Discover Your Practices Step 5: Establish Personal Development Goals Step 6: Set Your Schedule Step 7: Monitor your progress Step 1 is what’s missing from most people’s approach to personal growth.

So we’ll start our journey with a larger vision for human potential.One thing I was missing from my personal development journey was a map of the terrain.How can you navigate through your development without a map? Such a map shines a much-needed light on the diverse areas of our potential.In my experience, I’ve found it helps to take an integrated approach to your Personal Development Plan.That is, know your menu of options so you can select from multiple areas that interest you.If this new habit, however, changes you over time, it will facilitate your development.It’s all too easy to believe you’re developing when you’re not.Youthful enthusiasm and naivete guided those early years.If you go to self-growth seminars or read books in this genre, you may only think within the confines of the illustrations these resources provide.I know I deluded myself for many years and there’s evidence of this throughout personal development communities.Reading books in this genre, for example, doesn’t mean you’re developing.


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