Physics Coursework For Gcse

Edexcel are an awarding body that offer world-class academic qualification including GCSEs and A Levels.All of their qualifications are to the highest possible standards and seen as an international standard in knowledge of a subject.Your assignments are marked by your personal tutor and detailed feedback is given.

This course will prepare you for your examinations that can be taken at an Edexcel centre in the UK or internationally.

All of your GCSEs follow the Edexcel specifications with some being GCSEs and some being IGCSEs.

Throughout this GCSE Physics course students will learn about an array of physics concepts and how these apply to real world situations.

Not only does this course give a deep understanding of principles, it also focuses on experimentation and explains practical experiments that can be undertaken by learners.

To achieve your GCSE qualification you need to sit the exams as a private candidate.

Information can be found about this, as well as the examinations themselves, on our exam guide page.Similarly, if we change the temperature of a wire, this affects the vibration of the fixed ions, and hence how much they impede the flow of electrons.I chose this hypothesis because if the length of wire is increased then so is the number of ions affecting the flow of electrons.A number of factors can affect the resistance of a wire such as the material it is made from, its length, its thickness and its temperature.This can be explained if we understand how current flows through a wire.When studying for a course with us you are assigned a personal tutor with indepth knowledge and experience in your chosen subject.You are strongly advised to make use of your tutors expertise and ask questions about the course content.For more information regarding Edexcel, click on the Edexcel tab further up this page.The most important tool that all of our students have at their disposal is their tutor.Electric current will only flow if there are charges which can move freely. Metals contain many free electrons which are negatively charged and flow through out the metal. The resistance in a wire occurs because the electrons have to get past the fixed positively charged ions.So if we change the thickness or length of a wire, we change the number of ions affecting the flow of electrons and so change the resistance.


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