Police Academy 2 Their First Assignment

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Nevertheless, Hurst gives Lassard 30 days to turn the precinct around or he is out.Before Hurst leaves, Lieutenant Mauser (Art Metrano) schemes his way into getting a promotion to Captain should Lassard fail. Lassard then calls his brother Eric (George Gaynes) who is in charge of the Police Academy and asks him for six new recruits.He gets revenge on Mauser by switching his shampoo with Tackleberry's epoxy resin solution from a helmet repair kit, which glues Mauser's hands to his hair.

I always love the way that filmmakers portrayed street gangs in the 80's - remember Bill Paxton at the start of the Terminator?

Steve Guttenberg goes undercover after catching his breath from all the crazy pranks and they stop crime I guess. Votes are used to help determine the most interesting content on RYM.

Robertson) arrives at the 16th precinct and notifies its captain, Pete Lassard (Howard Hesseman) that the precinct is the worst in the city.

Lassard protests saying that his officers are out-manned and old, and cannot get the job done any longer.

Having somehow proved themselves worthy (I just watched the first three in a row and already forgot how) the gang of new recruits get assigned to a precinct with a huge crime rate and get to rub their slobbiness in the face of Lt Mauser (less of a douchebag and more of a dick than Harris).

Police Academy 2 Their First Assignment

Bobcat Goldthwait, as street gang leader Zed, adds his undeniable mentally-sub-par charm to the layer and layers of comedy on offer in this sequel.While all this is going on, Zed and his gang go "shopping" in a supermarket, causing havoc and chaos.Mauser gives Mahoney a new assignment: patrolling a tunnel which results in him and his partner being covered with soot.Brose and James are trained and ready for their first assignment!They tackle (berry) the second instalment in the Police Academy series Police Academy: Their First Assignment.What new sound effects will Michale Winslow introduce?Will David Graf shoot something out of a tree and why is Bruce Mahler even in this film?Only actor to get any mileage out of this one is series newcomer Art Metrano, as an ambitious lieutenant bent upon taking over the department.With the recruits assigned to saving the neighborhood from the grasp of marauding punks, Metrano does everything he can to make them fail, whereupon they exact some faintly amusing revenge upon him.This oddball group of raucous rookies led by Steve Guttenberg ("Cocoon," "Three Men and a Baby") is a real treat with this high-speed, side-splitting winner!Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment is a 1985 comedy film directed by Jerry Paris.


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