Primary Education Dissertations

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Fariño and Yvonne Virginia Farino, Education (also CAGS) PDF Examining the Influence of Graduate Student Experiences on Graduate Alumni Giving, Kevin Fleming Ph.

D., Education (also CAGS) PDF Residence Directors as Residential Crisis Workers: Exploring the Role of Campus-Based Critical Incident Stress Management in the Mitigation of Compassion Fatigue, Noga Flory, Education (also CAGS) PDF The Cultural Construction of Diverse Other(s): A Discourse Analysis of Institutional Policy, Rachel E.

Bettencourt, Education (also CAGS) PDF Chilean Teachers Responses to and Understanding of Student Interaction with Diverse Peers in the Classroom, Javier Martín Campos-Martínez, Education (also CAGS) PDF Bridging the gap: Cultural wealth and college transitions for Upward Bound students, Ashley J.

Carpenter, Education (also CAGS) PDF Retrofitting Educators Through Sheltered Instruction Training: A Longitudinal Case Study Examining the Efficacy of a Five-year District-wide Intervention Effort, Marisa Ferraro, Education (also CAGS) PDF STEERING AGAINST THE TIDE?

I have to start thinking about ideas for my dissertation as part of my primary education course.

I am quite interested in the idea of mindfulness or play, I was wondering if anyone has done these dissertation topics and can offer advice or if anyone has any ideas of a question/ tips?Lazdowski, Education (also CAGS) PDF Investigating the Impact of Student Opt Out on Value-Added Measures of Teacher Quality, Joshua Marland, Education (also CAGS) PDF Examining the Capacity of Instructional Support Networks for the Diffusion of Computer Science for All (CSfor ALL) in an Urban District, Rebecca Mazur, Education (also CAGS) PDF Urban Heritage Speakers As Multilingual Language Learners: Contexts in the 21st Century, Bridgette Moriarity, Education (also CAGS) PDF Promoting Self-Determination Skills of Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities Participating in the Inclusive Concurrent Enrollment Initiative Programs throughout Massachusetts, Lyndsey Nunes, Education (also CAGS) PDF Seguimos Luchando: Women Educators’ Trajectories in Social Movement Based Popular Education Projects in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Jennifer Lee O'Donnell, Education (also CAGS) PDF Implicit Bias in Pre-Service Teachers: A Mixed Methods Approach, Tara Pepis, Education (also CAGS) PDF Getting It Right: African American Male College/University Presidents and Their Early Cultivation of Self-Efficacy, JAMES RANDALL, Education (also CAGS) PDF Master's Tools and the Master's House: A Historical Analysis Exploring the Myth of Educating for Democracy in the United States, Timothy Scott, Education (also CAGS) PDF Inclusion of Students with Learning and Behavior Problems: Knowledge, Attitudes, and Inclusive Practices in Turkey, Hanife Ece Ugurlu, Education (also CAGS) PDF Using Social Network Analysis to Investigate the Diffusion of Special Education Knowledge within a School District, Martha H.von Mering, Education (also CAGS) PDF THE LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCES OF FEMALE SPECIAL EDUCATION ADMINISTRATORS, Kerry E.Literary rights, including copyright for published works held by the creator(s) or their heirs, or other third parties may apply.All rights are reserved unless otherwise indicated by the copyright owner(s).I have to start thinking about ideas for my dissertation as part of my primary education course. The psychology of it all is particularly fascinating I reckon.I am quite interested in the idea of mindfulness or play, I was wondering if anyone has done these dissertation topics and can offer advice or if anyone has any ideas of a question/ tips? If you're looking at mindfulness, maybe something related to stress?Camacho, Education (also CAGS) PDF The Gaps between Values and Practices of Global Citizenship Education: A Critical Analysis of Global Citizenship Education in South Korea, Hye Seung Cho, Education (also CAGS) PDF Investigating the Relationship between Implicit Theories about Intelligence and Teacher-Student Relationship Quality, Woodbury B.Clift, Education (also CAGS) PDF Educational Implications: Homeless Children's Perception of Resilience, Maria M.Gordon, Education (also CAGS) PDF Female Students’ Academic Engagement and Achievement in Science and Engineering: Exploring the Influence of Gender Grouping in Small Group Work in Design-Based Learning Contexts in High School Biology, Miancheng Guo, Education (also CAGS) PDF Get in Where You Fit in: The Career Paths for White and Black Superintendents, Terrell Melvin Hill, Education (also CAGS) PDF INCREASING STEM PARTICIPATION AND STUDENT SUCCESS OF DEVELOPMENTAL MATHEMATICS STUDENTS AT AN URBAN COMMUNITY COLLEGE, Vanessa A. Muzeta, Education (also CAGS) PDF EVALUATION AND REMEDIATION OF RATER SCORING OF CONSTRUCTED RESPONSE ITEMS, Frank Padellaro Jr, Education (also CAGS) PDF APPLYING STAKEHOLDER ANALYSIS TO LAY THE GROUNDWORK FOR CONFLICT-SENSITIVE EDUCATION IN THE SOMALI EDUCATION SECTOR, Nina Aristea Papadopoulos, Education (also CAGS) PDF Plazing Inside the Fratriarchal Frame: American College Fraternity Men’s Gender Identity and Hazing, Emily Perlow, Education (also CAGS) PDF MOTIVATION AND GENDER DYNAMICS IN HIGH SCHOOL SCIENCE: THE EFFECT OF GENDER COMPOSITION ON MOTIVATION IN SMALL GROUP INQUIRY AND ENGINEERING TASKS, Julie Robinson, Education (also CAGS) PDF Investigating the Parent Functions: African-American Families and Schools Collaborating to Improve Secondary Mathematics Achievement, Frank E.Hill, Education (also CAGS) PDF THE ROLE OF PRIOR KNOWLEDGE, SITUATIONAL INTEREST, AND CASE STUDY PEDAGOGY IN THE UNDERGRADUATE BIOLOGY CLASSROOM., Ally Hunter, Education (also CAGS) PDF The Knowledge They Possess: Elementary Teachers' Expertise and Where It Becomes Usable Knowledge in the MA Education System, Helen-Ann Ireland, Education (also CAGS) PDF MOTHER ETHNOGRAPHY: A PERFORMANCE OF POSSIBILITY, Sonji Johnson-Anderson, Education (also CAGS) PDF Technology Integration and Use in Elementary Mathematics Methods Courses for Pre-service Teachers, Elzbieta Manos, Education (also CAGS) PDF LEARNING PROSOCIALITY THROUGH EXPERIENCE: MODELING THE OUTCOMES OF POSTSECONDARY STUDY ABROAD AND SERVICE LEARNING, CHRISTINA Monte, Education (also CAGS) PDF PARENTING, IDENTITY AND CULTURE IN AN ERA OF MIGRATION AND GLOBALIZATION: HOW BANGLADESHI PARENTS NAVIGATE AND NEGOTIATE CHILD-REARING PRACTICES IN THE USA, Mohammad Mahboob Morshed, Education (also CAGS) PDF EXPLORING EXPERIENCES, PERSPECTIVES, AND IDENTITY (RE) FORMATION PROCESSES OF AFRICAN HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS IN U. Staples Jr., Education (also CAGS) PDF Understanding Progress Toward Degree Completion for Student Veterans in the Post 9-11 Era: A Focused Life History Narrative, David T.


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