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Private Administration is defined as management and organisation of private business enterprises.It is an administrative function carried out by the private individuals or a group, to earn a profit.This tax break can come in many different forms depending on what state or province you are in.

Moreover, the measurement of performance, progress and results thereof, can be done using different methods.

You want to give your child the best, but you also have income constraints to think of.

The administration can be done either by public officials or private individuals.

Public administration is a branch of economics that works with service motive.

On the contrary, the private administration is a business process, hence considered as business administration.

Both of them play a crucial role in contributing towards the development of the society in different ways.It is a business activity which is non-political in nature.It involves an array of activities like planning, organising, controlling, coordinating and implementation of policies and programs, performed by the management of the organisation.Here's a rundown of issues pertaining to private schools vs.public schools in North America: Everyone pays taxes, so you are already supporting the public school system. The fact is that in numerous provinces and states, you can get tax breaks when you send your child to private school over a public school.For example, for Jewish, Christian, or Catholic parents, a private school that bolsters religious faith offers something invaluable.Parents of Waldorf or Montessori school students feel much the same.It deals with the objectives of the government, the public interest and laws. executive, legislative and judicial, as well as their relationship with each other, are covered in the public administration.It works on the principles of uniformity, external financial control and service motive.As an activity, it performs services like welfare services, social security services, management of government undertaking, regulation of private enterprises, and so on.In short, public administration is a non-political public bureaucracy that operates within a legal framework.


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