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The Creative Education Foundation has been teaching and honing this process, and related programs, ever since!Now we know exactly what our code is supposed to do, we have one more step.Here it is the fun part, now that you know for sure what your program should do, just write some code and test it.At the core of the Creative Education Foundation’s Creative Problem Solving Institute is its flagship Creative Problem Solving Program, which begins with Springboard to Creative Problem Solving.This is the course we highly recommend for all first-time CPSI participants.That being said, solve the problem manually first, that way you know exactly what you want to automate, this will save you a lot of time wasted if you just start writing code like a maniac.Test your process with more than one input and some corner cases to validate it, pay close attention to every single step you take in your head, write it down, as each one counts.Experienced programmers sometimes omit this step, but I can assure you no matter how experienced you are, if you write some pseudo code, the process of writing your final code will be much easier since you only have to translate each line of pseudo code into actual code.Let's think about the steps needed to write a function that returns a number's squared value.(Opens new window) Fee-paying program for domestic and international students International students and students undertaking this course as part of a postgraduate fee paying program must refer to the relevant program home page to determine the cost for undertaking this course.Non-award enrolment Non-award tuition fees are set by the Division offering the course.


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