Problem Solving Questions For Interviews

However, if you’re going to do something, you might as well do it right!This week, we’re breaking down brainteasers, so you can make a more informed decision – This little gem is attributed to Apple Inc and there clearly isn’t a ‘right answer.’However, you can still use it to assess your interviewee’s ability to think critically and make well-formed arguments.The answer to the question is roughly 200 million kg of potatoes, however, like our other brainteasers, it’s not about finding the perfect answer; it’s about how they work it out! If your candidate gets anywhere near, then that’s impressive enough.

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First they’ll have to work out exactly what the question means: Then they’ll have to come up with a systematic and efficient means of testing it.

They may require some paper to make notes; “visual” thinkers will need some way to visualise the process.

The following are a few effective phrases for introducing and explaining a problem you solved: When answering a problem solving question, try to employ the following framework as you develop your answer.

The following steps will help you develop a clear and impressive answer to any problem solving question. Define the Problem Explain why the situation was problematic. Select the Best Solution(s) and Action to Take Explain in detail how you resolved the problem by: describing why you selected specific strategies, explaining your objective, illustrating how you transformed ideas into practical solutions, and how you followed up with co-workers.

Ask your candidate to talk you through their sums as they go along.

Ahmet Hakan Thesis - Problem Solving Questions For Interviews

You’ll soon suss it out if they can’t add up properly! Or did you work out the sneaky little plot twist within?

It's been said that problem finders are dime a dozen, but problem solvers are worth their weight in gold.

Point being, people who can fix problems are much more valuable, and rare, than people who can simply identify problems.

If a candidate rattles off the answer immediately then chances are, they’ve faced this brainteaser before (a good, honest candidate will tell you if this is the case!

)Candidates who fail and don’t appear to ‘get’ the question or forget a major part of it (for example, they let the chicken and corn cross together) may have issues with listening, as well as critical thinking.


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