Problem Solving With Integers

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Related Topics: More Algebra Word Problems Integer Problems with three unknowns are not necessarily more difficult than integer word problems with two unknowns.You just have to be careful when relating the different unknowns. They sold 4 more boxes the second week than they did the first.

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On the third week, they doubled the sale of their second week.

Yesterday and the day before it snowed without end.

A football team gained 6 yards and then lost 10 yards. Gained 6 can be represented by 6And is the sign Lost 10 can be represented by -10We get 6 -10 and 6 -10 = -4Overall the football team has lost 4 yards. He loaned 50 dollars to a friend, spent 31 dollars, and received his 80 dollars paycheck from work. Solution The problem has 4 important components shown in bold below.

Steve had 140 dollars received his 80 dollars paycheck from work. Had 140 dollars can be represented with 140Loaned 50 can be represented by -50Spent 31 can be represented by -31Received his 80 can be represented by 80We get 140 -50 -31 80 140 -50 -31 80 = (140 -50) -31 80 = 90 -31 80 = (90 -31) 80 = 59 80 = 139Steve has now 139 dollars.

Let's look at an example of a word problem involving integers: The weather in Far-away-land has been crazy.

On Monday, the temperature was a hot 99 degrees Fahrenheit. Wednesday had a comfortable temperature of 87 degrees.A submarine at 21 feet below sea level moves up about 6 feet. 21 feet below sea level can be represented by - 21We can use the sign Moves up about 6 feet can be represented by 6We get -21 6 and -21 6 = -15The submarine is 15 feet below sea level.Problem #3: A football team gained 6 yards and then lost 10 yards. Solution The problem has 3 important components shown in bold below.Thursday brought bone-chilling cold temperatures of -30 degrees.Friday was also cold, having a temperature of -12 degrees. Like all word problems, in order to solve the example above the first thing we should do is read the problem.Integers are whole numbers and zero; they may be positive or negative numbers.Examples of integers include -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3, and so on, in both directions.After reading the problem it is a good idea to look at the question.You must identify what you are being asked to do or find. The problem tells us to add the temperatures from the week. If we were to write the numbers in a math equation, it would look like this: 99 0 87 (-30) (-12) = To solve this problem, we would need to add those numbers together.In this lesson, we will look at Integer Word Problems that has more than two unknowns.In another set of lessons, we have some examples of Integer Word Problems that involve two unknowns.


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