Process Analysis Essay About Food

According to Contreas and Garcia [4] food space is not just a totally social phenomenon anymore but a totally human phenomenon, which is a consequence of both biological and ecological phenomena just as much as a structuring factor of social organization, positioned in same level of importance, or even higher, as sexuality or kinship.The evolutionist approach, being the pioneer in these studies, searched for explanations related to religion, giving emphasis to taboo, totemic, sacrifice and communion.Received Date: April 30, 2018; Accepted Date: May 10, 2018; Published Date: May 14, 2018 Citation: Sobreira LB, Garavello MEPE, Nardoto GB (2018) Anthropology of Food: An Essay on Food Transition and Transformations in Brazil.

The historical and cultural scenery are essential to understand how the theme has been elaborated in its national and international perspectives.

In human nutrition, nature and culture meet, since eating is a vital necessity, what, when and with whom one eats are issues that are features of a system that attributes meaning to the act of eating [1,2].

What is also interesting is the strictly social role that food can exert and how the cultural system might determine food practices, since the individuals have to adjust to social pressures.

It is possible to equate meals to a communication system, being traditions and symbols manifested in social relations, such as the structuralist approach ads.

Therefore, it is shaped by culture and an outcome of the social structure in a given age [1] being able to change over time.

Process Analysis Essay About Food

The biological and social aspects become a product of Anthropology of food and food habits are the main themes in social research [3].

Its main function is to contribute to the maintenance of social structure and, as consequence, the social system, so its value is more social than religious.

Culturalism is another approach that is basically interested in how culture could be present between subjects and how this aspect guides behaviours.

They usually seek rational justifications, while searching for logic to social institutions and classified the social groups as savages, barbarian or civilized in a complete ethnocentric context.

The Functionalism ultimately leads to a re-contextualization of beliefs and rituals in analogy to an organic system, in which food functions as a basic system to individual socialization and, consequently, to the perpetuation of society.


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