Protein Sythesis Animation

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For example, peanuts have a higher weight content of protein than fish or eggs, but the proportion of essential amino acids in peanut protein is only a third of that from the two other sources.

For reasons that will become evident when discussing the structures of proteins and peptides, each amino acid is assigned a one or three letter abbreviation.

Hydrolysis of proteins by boiling aqueous acid or base yields an assortment of small molecules identified as α-aminocarboxylic acids.

More than twenty such components have been isolated, and the most common of these are listed in the following table.

When compared with carbohydrates and lipids, the proteins are obviously different in fundamental composition.

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The lipids are largely hydrocarbon in nature, generally being 75 to 85% carbon.

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You see the processes of transcription and translation and the key roles different RNAs play as messenger and transfer molecules.

Finally, we explain how the string of amino acids becomes a complex protein product by folding into its specific 3D shape.


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