Psychosynthesis The Will

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Whilst this is one of its applications, Psychosynthesis is in fact a lot more than that and is applicable not just in therapy but in all levels of education, business, in social and economic arenas, in healing, parenting, medicine in fact, all areas of human activity.

We have moved into a new world where each individual has their own unique way of perceiving and interacting with the world based not only on the past traumas and so on that were experienced during childhood, as is presented in the Freudian world view.

Often we can be overtaken by unconscious patterns from the past, or swept away by possibilities and dreams.

So strengthening our understanding of who we are in the here and now, aware of our tendencies to get caught up with the past and the future, is an important part of psychosynthesis.

Our superconscious he thought, was where higher values such as creativity, love and wisdom reside.

When we are disconnected from these values, as is so easily experienced in our busy lives, then we can feel there is something missing.

At ICPPD all our programmes have a holistic aspect, and on our 3 year Academic and Professional Programmes in Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy one of the ways we introduce this to adult learners is through a module on Psychosynthesis.

How does Psychosynthesis promote personal and spiritual development? ICPPD promotes a body, mind spirit philosophy where the person is seen to have the potential for integration and wholeness.

Psychosynthesis is an approach to self that includes our spiritual as well as our physical, emotional and mental needs.

Psychosynthesis aims to move us away from fragmentation and pain and towards integration and joy through including both the lighter and the darker sides of life.


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