Race Does Not Exist Essay

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Go find out what they are, and bust some myths for yourself.

Check these out references for much greater detail: Duster (2005) Race and reification in Science.

If you went back to the 1930s basketball was dominated by Jewish players.

Also, sprinting world records were held by germans, italians and other "whites".

Societies, like the USA, construct racial classifications, not as units of biology, but as ways to lump together groups of people with varying historical, linguistic, ethnic, religious, or other backgrounds.

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These categories are not static, they change over time as societies grow and diversify and alter their social, political and historical make-ups.We talk about race, or avoid talking about it, all the time…but few of us really stop and think about what .However, that does not mean that what we call “races” (our society’s way of dividing people up) don’t exist.For example, in the USA the Irish were not always “white,” and despite our government’s legal definition, most Hispanics/Latinos are not seen as white today (by themselves or by others).This is a difficult concept and it seems to come up again and again, so let me provide a few points to bust the myth and to clarify the reality…There is no genetic sequence unique to blacks or whites or Asians.I tell my racist friends there's no reason that there shouldn't be dozens of white cornerbacks in the NFL.But what do I say when they point out there are ZERO white NFL cornerbacks?In fact, these categories don’t reflect biological groupings at all.There is more genetic variation in the diverse populations from the continent of Africa (who some would lump into a “black” category) than exists in ALL populations from outside of Africa (the rest of the world) combined! There are no genes that make blacks in the USA more susceptible to high blood pressure, just as there are no genes for particular kinds of cancers that can be assigned to only one racial grouping. Why is there a preponderance of “black” players in the NBA?Why is the infant mortality rate of blacks double that of whites in the USA? In humans today there are not multiple biological groups called “races.” However, race is real and it impacts us all. They play a role in our lives, histories and futures.


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