Race Socially Constructed Essay

In conclusion all three of these arguments clearly illustrate to us what and why they created race and it clearly wasn’t something that was natural. Race was created to stimulate the form of oppression among Black people.

”Race always has mattered in the United States as both social and individual.

The social construction of race has been developed within various legal, economic, political, cultural and sociopolitical contexts, and may be the effect rather than the cause of the main race-related issues that our society faces today.

Some states declared if you have one drop of Black blood you are entirely Black.

The social construction of “race” in the United States was constructed by the power to help create dichotomies between Whites and Blacks to show some form of inferiority and superiority.

Some states said if you look or even act Black, you’re Black.

Some countries said if you have one-quarter of Black blood running through your veins, you’re Black.Irish Americans along with Polish and Italians were not considered entirely White. Race is socially constructed, but not individually created.Individuals have some impact on how they viewed themselves and how they see the world.Used to rise and attain the confidence of black people itself which was important if they were going to rise politically. Black people started learning to not believe in the false promises that white people had made to them. By succeeding in the concept of race they made South Africa a place where race depicted who had authority and who did not.They were able to do this by convincing the rest of the world that the word race itself was natural and was always there.We struggle on how to distinguish European Americans from African Americans, Asian Americans, Latinas and Latinos, Native Americans and other groups.Whenever race comes up, an interesting question appears not to be discussed, “How has race been socially constructed?I will explain this argument with the assistance of the texts done by Erasmus (2008), Breckenridge (2014), and Biko (1987) Erasmus discusses and researches on the origins of the concept of race she concludes that race is merely a thought an idea which is equivalent to it being socially constructed.To be able to understand where it came from she had to dive back before the enlightment ages (Erasmus 2008, 170) The only reason why people considered the concept of race to be natural is because they based it on invisible and visible differences that were also somewhat natural and unchangeable.


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