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Racism comes from different cultural values, ethnic backgrounds, as well as the physical appearances.

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The customer was mocking my uncles pronunciation and made my uncle repeat himself over ten times even though the price was shown on the customers screen of the cashier.

One other time that he felt racially discriminated against, was when the customer just threw the money at him, and when he did the same thing back, the person used profanity against his ethnic background.

It is something that was true against the blacks at the period of slavery and is still partly true.

And we should not forget this tragic moment of our history and not let it renovate again.

The blacks fought hard for their rights risking their lives and it made the United States of America the way it is today.

We have the laws that protect our rights and freedom, free education to the poor no matter what their ethnicity is.

Racism could occur even though other people do not care about how you look like, because one could be afraid of going near to them thinking that they are completely different and that they would make fun of you if you make any mistakes.

Racism has declined currently, but is still an important factor we all should talk about.

Not only did his experience ruin his day but it also made him to belittle himself for not being able to get the respect he wanted. I feel that no matter how different our appearances are, or different cultural values we have, it does not make up the reasons for the conflicts of racism.

We should respect each other’s cultural values, and learn the good of it and make things peaceful.


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