Reasons For Attending College Classification Essay

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Beware of the chronological list of events that produces dull reading.Remember, also, to accent the positive rather than the negative side of an experience.However, all beginning college level writers should know how to create and use them when constructing an essay.

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Write about whether or not you agree with their assessments and how they make you feel.

Brainstorm "top ten" lists in a few selected categories: favorite books, plays, movies, sports, eras in history, famous people, etc.

If you write about the effect of a death, divorce, or illness on your life, tell about but don't dwell on your bad luck and disappointments.

Instead, emphasize what you have learned from the experience, and how coping with adversity has strengthened you as an individual.

Include what it was, how you tackled it, and how it changed you.

Think of one or two sayings that you've heard again and again around your house since childhood. What personality traits do you value most in yourself?There are hundreds of possible topics that you can be asked to write an essay on. If you loved the Grand Canyon, for example, write down three specific reasons why, aside from the grandeur and beauty that everyone loves.Describe an accomplishment that you had to struggle to achieve.There has been a heated debate and controversy about the importance of college education and if it has value. My opinion is that college education has a great value.The issue of unemployment is one of the underlying factors that make people have so many questions about the value of college education. This has left the recent and past graduates at the crossroads.For the reader, topic sentences announce what the paragraph will be about and demonstrate how different paragraphs and ideas are connected to each other.A topic sentence generally appears early in a body paragraph (often the first or second sentence) and controls the paragraph.It could be someone you only met once, a third-grade teacher, or a family member or friend.The most common topic--particularly if only one essay is required--is the first, "tell us about yourself." Since this kind of essay has no specific focus, applicants sometimes have trouble deciding which part of their lives to write about.Since body paragraphs for an essay should be centered around one main idea that relates the thesis, creating a clear topic sentence is helpful for both the writer and the reader.For the writer, a topic sentence makes it easier to stay on topic and develop the main idea without getting off track.


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