Reconstruction Policies Of Lincoln And Johnson

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During late 1865, Johnson pardoned hundreds of applicants every day.

He granted pardons to roughly 90 percent of the people who asked for them.

Before a compromise between the President and the Congress could be reached, Lincoln died from an assassin's bullet on April 15, 1865, less than a week after the official end of the Civil War.

Andrew Johnson, the vice-president of the United States, took control of Reconstruction after Lincoln's death.

Abraham Lincoln was the first president to present a plan for Reconstruction.

He proposed a lenient policy that would allow Southerners to rejoin the Union quickly.

Under this bill, fifty percent of Southern voters would have to swear allegiance to the United States before a seceded state could form a new state government.

Only people who could swear that they never willingly supported the rebellion would be permitted to vote and have a say in the formation of the new state government.

He at first followed a harsh policy toward the defeated Southerners, denying political rights to anyone who had supported the Confederacy in a military or governmental role during the rebellion.

He also agreed to the arrest of several prominent Confederate officials.


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