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Of course, the involvement of the country in the war in Vietnam was criticized by the majority of Americans.They did not want to put up with the fact that young Americans were killed for nothing as no one ‘understood’ this war.Rock n’ Roll became quite a commercialized music which attracted lots of people. Ironically, such a commercialized music was chosen by people who were against consumerism of the society.

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Rock n’ Roll was also a kind of rebel against conventions in music.

Apart from this, singers could not remain ignorant to issues which divided the society into two camps. This band contributed greatly to the spread of this kind of music all over the world. For instance, such songs as ‘Say It Loud, I’m Black and I’m Proud’ by James Brown promoted “black pride, black unity and self-empowerment” (Bennett 22).

Remarkably, African Americans used any opportunity to shed light upon the situation in the American society. They claimed that there was no point in fighting as all people had to respect and love each other.

Of course, song poets and singers shared the same standpoints.

Three concepts ‘reigned’ over the festival: peace, love and Rock ’n Roll.

Admittedly, the war in Vietnam was one of the most disputable issues at that period.

Notably, those reportages made Americans understand that the war was a real catastrophe which took away lives of young Americans.

Young people protested against policies of the old generation.

Young people opted for peace, love and brotherhood.

Young people, the new generation, supported African Americans.


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