Rivers Cuomo Application Essay

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(8 April 2010)Every day, a really weird thought comes to my mind and I put it out there – and now I have this long list of weird thoughts.

I must have been thinking them all along, but there was never any reason to write them down.

Onstage in those early days, he usually let bassist Matt Sharp do any necessary bantering with the crowd.

Since then, Weezer have released eight more albums and sold ten million records worldwide.

I actually go back through my tweets to look for lyric ideas.

A fair amount of songs in the last couple years started on Twitter.Asked if that meant the flippers were autobiographical, he laughs heartily and says, “I guess so.”I’ve known Rivers for seventeen years.We met in 1994, when I was an editor at (an American men’s magazine) and Weezer were enjoying the first flash of success with ‘Undone – The Sweater Song’, an anthem that laid out the band’s template: loud guitars, catchy melodies, and lyrics that seemed inscrutable (“If you want to destroy my sweater”) but on closer inspection, were emotional and revealing.‘Smart Girls’ on was originally called ‘Where Did All These Hot Girls Come From’. I didn’t give any context for it, but I was talking about girls tweeting at me – where were they when I was single?And a line in ‘Runaway’: “Is it us making love in the Milky Way?Although this means we haven’t even earned our first outburst yet, Pat says he’s going to go ahead and freak out now.”) I learned that Rivers was sly and quick-witted, but also shy and awkward.Raised on an ashram, he sometimes seemed unfamiliar with the conventions of human interaction.It’s mostly British guys that I play with, and Robbie’s associated with them.And sometimes during the week we go up to his house to play. I played soccer with him yesterday – he’s an amazing player. What’s the best pro-US place to watch on the west side? (7 June 2010)When it comes to soccer, I’m pure fan.But he still has lots of unusual thoughts and obsessions bouncing around his skull, as revealed by his Twitter account.Since July 2009, he’s posted over 1,200 tweets, from “Caught my wife looking at nudie pictures of dogs and horses online” to “The reason for my massive, continued success?


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