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If running your business is a war, these are merely skirmishes.

If running your business is a war, these are merely skirmishes.

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If someone on your team is making a lot of calls but not closing, give them a milestone of upping their close rate.

If someone’s great at closing but doesn’t do much outreach, give them a milestone of contacting 10 new prospects a month.

The Internet is full of people who will tell you all about the success they’ve found from their strategies.

But in selling, you need a proven sales plan template to guide your business growth: strategies.

In order to know whether or not the assumptions you’re making in your sales plan are close to the mark, you need to break that big number down into smaller expectations with strict deadlines.

We call these milestones and they're incredibly handy in tracking whether or not your sales plan is on the right path.

If done correctly, the right sales plan template empowers you to spend even more time on growing and developing your startup, rather than responding to the day-to-day developments in sales.

Armed with the information you'll compile within your sales plan, you can quickly identify any upcoming problems, sales droughts, or opportunities—and then do something about them. Each part of the sales plan naturally works itself into the next, starting with your high-level goals, then taking into consideration market factors, and finally looking at who you know, and how to find more prospects to help hit your sales goals.

This will give you a real, frontline take of what milestones to set in your sales plan template. These need to be specific with clear goals and deadlines.

For example, you might want to increase your customer base by 20% or increase sales 50% for a specific product.


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