Sample Research Grant Proposal

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Talk with professors, mentors, previous grant recipients, the funding agency/group you are applying to, and trusted advisers in your field to learn more about what successful grant proposals look like in your situation and to get feedback on your plan and on your drafting process.Before you start writing your grant proposal, you’ll want to make sure that you: When you’ve done all of this, you’re ready to start drafting your proposal!

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However, remember, as you write your proposal, follow that grant’s guidelines and use the exact section headings provided by the call for proposals.

Here you present the most important elements of yourproposal in as few sentences as possible.

In order to establish the value of your project, you needto clarify the need or problem that your project responds to.

Early in your proposal, make sure that you establish thecontext of this problem (i.e., the background).

Now you just need to convince others to get excited about this vision as well.

Sample Research Grant Proposal

On this page, we offer some ways of thinking about grant proposals and advice about the process of planning and writing a proposal.As you reach toward this unrealized vision by developing a grant proposal, you should think about successful grant writing as an act of imagination.Professor Kate Vieira, a Curriculum and Instruction professor at UW-Madison with considerable grant writing experience, describes grant proposal writing as a creative process akin to fiction writing—these are works of imagination.Wait to tackle this abbreviatedversion of your project until after you’ve written all the otherparts.Your project is important because it is responding to a gap inresources, knowledge, or opportunity that really needs to be filled.You might even want to incorporate key terms and concepts from the organization’s mission statement into your summary.While the summary or abstract may be the first element of your finished proposal, it’soften best to write it last.Now that you’ve established a need for your project, you haveto describe your project. [As with many other kinds of outcomes, grant proposaloutcomes should be SMART—specific, measurable,achievable, realistic, and timely.] • How are you going to achieve those outcomes? • How will you measure or recognize your project’sachievements?Make sure you answer these questions: • What are the goals of your project or your researchquestions? • How can you be sure that your project will productivelyrespond to the need or problem you have identified? Several of these questions focus on the impact your projectwill have.Cover Letter Sometimes grant proposals are preceded by a cover letter.These often serve to personally introduce you as the grant–seeking individual/organization, establish your ethos andprofessionalism, briefly describe your proposed project, andconvey enthusiasm for the project and appreciation for thereaders' consideration of your request.


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