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Soft Play Business Plan-77
Please get an independant study done on your business proposal, that looks at demographics, competition (and not just other soft play centres).

The indoor play manufacturers in our country are in constant search for innovative and unique play events as the competition is increasing day by day. The indoor playgrounds have a rising demand in our country and in our busy world people are searching for the best FECs and kid’s indoor playgrounds to spend time with their children.

The business opportunities for an indoor playground is vast as you can consider multiple options like Kids crèche, kids play areas in shopping centres, business space and educational sectors.

However the business is totally weather sensitive and when the sunshines nobody comes in, but the bills still have to be paid.

During the week when the kids are in school, customers can be very limited and with social pressures many little ones are in day nurseries (have a look in yellow pages at how many day nurseries there are).

"Play centres generally have large setup costs, low profitability and relatively poor returns on capital" The overheads on these places have dramitcally increased eg minimum wage, business rates, utility bills, and insurance premiums all that you have no control over.

All of these pressures and then you are dealing with the general public - stressful at times and you can not please all the people all the time.Avoid being on out of town areas as you will get no walk in trade and there will be no buses, you can not assume everybody has a car.Parking is a massive issue and 50 spaces is a must - Usually 1 child needs 1 parking place.Let’s discuss the business plan from concept to reality.Step one Have a thorough research If possible visit a similar project that you have in mind like kids play centre or crèche.and negative experiences around safety can put companies at risk for poor reviews which can potentially devastate reputations.Register the business as a limited liability corporation that offers protection on the liability of assets so all your bases are covered in case of crisis or emergency.Oh and by the way customers make a constant mess, blocked toilets, vomit etc !!I think you have the message its not gloss and what might be nice for customers isn't always healthy for the business.An indoor playground for toddlers is going to look very different than an environment built for middle-school-age kids.Think about the customers that your company wants to target and who you are best suited to entertain.


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