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Each objective should be written in clear language and support the company’s growth.You can read our article featuring Examples of SMART Goals for Small Business for more ideas.

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What is it you hope to achieve in terms of growth a year from now?

Once you have stated your objective, describe how the objective will be measured as well as how often you intend to audit the objective’s progress.

For more help, we have written an article detailing Vision Statement Examples.

Sales objectives are goals supporting the company’s growth a year from now, as well as years in the future, in terms of revenue, market share, or profit margin.

A sales plan is a document used to establish sales objectives and develop strategies necessary to achieve them.

Typically, this document establishes a plan for revenue growth and other measurements of success.Repeat this step the plan’s third year as well as its fifth.The difference between each of these time periods is only the size of the goal.In this section, you want to clearly describe the key characteristics of your ideal customer.There are three things to consider in this section, which include building a profile of your ideal customer, describing their expected buying patterns or creditworthiness, and defining your anticipated sales territory.This section will serve as the foundation of your sales plan and is therefore critically important to your plan’s success.Your mission is a formal statement describing what your business stands for and what it wants to achieve.This is because the objective becomes crystal clear not only to the person responsible for achieving it, but also to the person whose role it is to make sure that things get done.Start by creating one to three SMART objectives for the plan’s first year.Thinking about your ideal customer organization is only relevant to B2B sales, and this step can be skipped if that’s not your business model.In this section of the sales plan template, you will describe the type of organization you are targeting.


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