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Historically, the evolution of many of these technologies has been mainly empirical.

However, new methodologies have advanced beyond empiricism, enabling the coupling of basic understanding to deployable technologies.

There are many topics within solar energy that maybe of interest to you and your father.

When you say solar energy, you cover two main sectors, solar thermal and solar PV.

Solar Energy welcomes research focusing on direct energy conversion technologies, materials and device science necessary for large-scale deployment of cost-effective solar technologies, solar light management, active conversion technology, and low-cost high-throughput methodologies.

Solar energy represents the largest renewable resource on the planet – approximately 162 PW – but at present we utilize only about 100 GW.Achieving a sustainable civilization requires a heavier utilization, especially from direct insolation.In conjunction with concerns for a globally changing climate, sustainability requires a widespread displacement of fossil fuels, both in developed countries and those that still are developing electric power for lighting, refrigeration and water.These tools can help connect studies on defects and dopants, and on interfacial properties in new materials, to process parameters necessary to commercialize the technology.Integrating basic materials science with technology-focused science across the various solar conversion technologies, Solar Energy provides an opportunity for synergism not found in journals with a more limited scope.Ultimately, the challenge is to develop terawatt-scale technologies to produce power at a cost equivalent or lower than current fossil-fuel-based technologies.This requires power conversion efficiencies approaching theoretically predicted values, lifetimes of 25 or more years, low cost and easy deployment.All manuscripts must be submitted directly to the section Solar Energy, where they are peer-reviewed by the Associate and Review Editors of the specialty section.Articles published in the section Solar Energy will benefit from the Frontiers impact and tiering system after online publication.Sunlight has two main energy components, heat and light.Systems that convert sun’s heat into electricity or just hot-water are generally called ‘solar thermal systems.’ And the most direct method of generating electricity from sunlight is by using PV(Photovoltaics), solar PV panels, or solar panels, they convert the light content of sunlight into DC electricity.


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