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Less forthright team members can often feel intimidated and don't always speak up, particularly when their ideas are different from the popular view.Where discussions are one-sided, draw quieter people in so that everyone is involved, but explain why you're doing this, so that people learn from it.

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Then the leader adds a third person, who presents his or her ideas before hearing the previous input.

Suggest that teams investigate new ways to encourage members to discuss their views, or to share them anonymously. ) game, teams must work together to build a container to protect an egg, which is dropped from a height.

Before the egg drop, groups must deliver presentations on their solutions, how they arrived at them, and why they believe they will succeed.

Whether there's a complex project looming or your team members just want to get better at dealing with day-to-day issues, your people can achieve much more when they solve problems and make decisions together.

By developing their problem-solving skills, you can improve their ability to get to the bottom of complex situations.


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