Solving Two Step Equation Word Problems

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It's like a shortcut when you can do an equation. Okay the total bill for 3 hats and 2.50 tax, I'm going to write that like this, 3 hats, h for hats and then I also have to pay 2.50 tax and I know that the total bill is $44.50. I'm accounting for those 3 hats plus the $2.50 tax.

This is an equation that when I solve for h, I'm going to know how much each hat costs so it's pretty cool. In order to get h by itself I need to undo all this business so I'll subtract 2.50 from both sides, that's the opposite of adding so I'll have 3h, that's all that's left on that side, is going to be equal to $42 right? So now I know that 3 hats cost $42, the last thing I want to do is divide both sides by 3 to find out that each hat is equal to whatever 42/3 is.

But be careful - sometimes word problems have two steps.

Two-step math word problems require you to solve two equations (or number sentences) before you come to an answer. Look at the important information in the problem, and turn that information into an equation by translating the words into operations.

The answer to our final step and the word problem is 33.

Before you walk away from the problem, make sure to check your work and ask yourself, 'Did I answer the question?It requires you to read or listen before solving the problem using your math skills.Here's an example of a basic math word problem that may look familiar to you: Many math word problems only have one step, like this example that requires you to subtract 1 from 12.This is the kind of problem that strikes fear into every student's heart so I want you guys to take a deep breath and know that we can do the word problems. One way you guys might have learned in your previous Math courses is to make a guess and check chart and just kind of like plug in values and see how that goes.Okay a total bill for 3 hats and .50 tax is .50. The great thing about Algebra though is that you can get it correct the first time.The problem might have two different operations (like multiplication and addition), or it might have two of the same operation, like this one that requires subtraction twice: Begin your two-step word problem like you would any other word problem by reading it carefully to decide what you need to do, including which step to complete first. Feel free to draw pictures to help you through the problem.Let's try this on our two-step example word problem: Jacob gave Julia 1 sticker.Again you guys when you have a word problem you could try guessing checking but that takes a long time.If you can turn it into an Algebra equation it will go much, much faster.In the example problem, Jacob gives 4 of his 11 remaining stickers away to John.So, we can turn this word problem into the equation 11 - 4, which equals 7.


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