Some Critical Thinking Questions

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C = Some women in the study over-reported their compliance with the eating and exercise regimen, which led the researchers to underestimate the full impact of the regimen.

D = Since many of those studied described themselves as overweight or out of shape when the study began, a similar regimen will not benefit people who are healthier to start with.

A = This study was about women, the findings cannot be generalized to include men.

B = Since the study began to solicit willing participants before the Research Ethics Review Committee of the college gave the research project its formal approval to gather data, the findings are invalid.

Carol and Barbara, although receiving their degrees, did not earn this special honor.

A fourth student in the same graduate program, Deirdre, often said that the graduate program was poorly designed and not difficult at all.

C = A healthy diet will cause one to have better mental health and physical strength.

D = This research study was funded by a corporation that makes exercise apparel.

A = Most of the women in the group that was encouraged to work individually actually worked with friends and partners who were not part of the study.

B = Most of the pairings and teams created in the first group (with teammates) fell apart after a few days and the women in that group actually worked individually.


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