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In some states, you may be eligible for insurance premium discounts, "positive" safe driving points, or other benefits.These courses do cost money, but it's worth the investment to be a smarter, safer driver.

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Staying focused on driving — and only driving — is critical to safe driving.

Distractions, like talking on the phone or eating, make a driver less able to see potential problems and properly react to them.

You are cautious, yet ready to take action and not put your fate in the hands of other drivers. Following these defensive driving tips can help reduce your risk behind the wheel: If you're interested in taking a defensive driving course to help sharpen your driving knowledge and skills, contact your local AAA or your state's Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Many states keep a list of approved defensive driving course providers, and lots of these offer online programs.

Before you get behind the wheel of that two-ton frame of glass and steel, here are some tips to help you stay in control: Stay focused.

Driving is primarily a thinking task, and you have a lot of things to think about when you're behind the wheel: road conditions, your speed and position, observing traffic laws, signs, signals, road markings, following directions, being aware of the cars around you, checking your mirrors — the list goes on.Instead, speed limits should be more vigorously enforced and publicized to ensure compliance.According to a World Health Organization report, speeding remains a significant problem in the roads, and if nothing is done to reduce it, the casualty rates could go up by 65% by the time we get to 2020.It's not just teen drivers who are at fault: People who have been driving for a while can get overconfident in their driving abilities and let their driving skills get sloppy.All drivers need to remind themselves to stay focused. Being alert (not sleepy or under the influence) allows you to react quickly to potential problems — like when the driver in the car ahead slams on the brakes at the last minute.Speed limits can also be restructured in some roads to make them more reasonable by reducing the maximum speed as well as raising the minimum speed.More sophisticated gadgets such as the automated speed cameras that have quick number plate readers have proved to be more helpful when it comes to dealing with speeding.Speeding has been said to help save fuel as well as time lost in slow speeding.However, my opinion is that it will not save anything worth the lives that could be lost in accidents.Members in such a community do not even notice the speed limit signs; hence speeding is always justified for them.Such communities need a lot of awareness and education on road accident documented facts to make the change their culture.


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