Suicide Prevention Research Paper

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The key thing it tells us is that when it comes to suicide prevention in young people, we don’t really know what works yet and that there is a clear need for us to improve the quality of research being conducted.A whopping 34,463 articles were retrieved via the initial search, of which 105 articles corresponding to 99 unique research studies met the inclusion criteria.Here’s a snapshot of the makeup of the studies: Where possible, the data from the studies was synthesised to allow for meta-analysis so the researchers could draw conclusions about what works in youth suicide prevention across a range of interventions.I’ve no doubt the paper authors would echo this sentiment; they conducted a very thorough review and found the evidence base wanting; they get ten out of ten for effort, but points deducted for the click-bait title.Robinson et al conducted a systematic review and, where possible a meta-analysis of studies designed to lead to a reduction in suicide related behaviours in young people.So I was pretty excited when I saw Robinson et al’s paper appear in press.Given its title: ‘What Works in Youth Suicide Prevention?This is a huge piece of work that drew on data from ninety-nine studies.However, due to a lack of homogeneity and poor data quality, it was difficult to come to clear answers to the overarching research question of ‘what works in youth suicide prevention?Large scale interventions delivered in both clinical and educational settings appear to reduce self-harm and suicidal ideation post-intervention, and to a lesser extent at follow-up.In community settings, multi-faceted, place-based approaches seem to have an impact.


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