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," found that commercials by beer and soda companies in the big game had a "null and/or insignificant effect" on revenue.

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Neither can advertise and they both keep millions of dollars.

Or both can advertise and, since the market share won’t budge, wipe out tens of millions of dollars just to maintain the status quo.

“Super Bowl ads do a great job of subconsciously expressing solidity and stature,” he told me in an email.

That might be another reason why research has shown Super Bowl ads work better for new companies and products than established brands. But an upstart digital company gets a nice lift from signaling that they're the next giant.

They are paying for silent focus: Tens of millions of people quietly watch Super Bowl commercials and actually talk about their favorite moments of corporate branding.

They are also paying for exposure: Super Bowl ads are watched and re-watched—on Twitter, on Facebook, on You Tube, and on next-day rankings and analyses across the internet.

As a general rule, advertising works best on consumers with little information.

(When selling a sham headache remedy, it’s easier to convince a rube than a good physician.) The lesson applies to the Super Bowl, too.

On most days, readers click out of ads to read articles online.

For one day, they read a lot of articles only to click on the ads.


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