Sweet November Essay

In crucial agencies of Nixon’s own Administration, including the F. None of these institutions could have functioned without the vitalizing power of public opinion.Within months of reëlecting Nixon by the largest margin in history, Americans began to gather around the consensus that their President was a crook who had to go.

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He’ll go after his critics in the press, with or without the benefit of libel law.

He’ll force those below him in the chain of command to violate the code of military justice, by torturing terrorist suspects and killing their next of kin.

President Donald Trump should be given every chance to break his campaign promise to govern as an autocrat.

But, until now, no one had ever won the office by pledging to ignore the rule of law and to jail his opponent.

Although some federal courts will block flagrant violations of constitutional rights, Congress could try to impeach the most independent-minded judges, and Trump could replace them with loyalists.

But, beyond these partisan advantages, something deeper is working in Trump’s favor, something that he shrewdly read and exploited during the campaign.He’ll turn federal prosecutors, agents, even judges if he can, into personal tools of grievance and revenge.All the pieces are in place for the abuse of power, and it could happen quickly.Trump has the temperament of a leader who doesn’t distinguish between his private desires and demons and the public interest.If he’s true to his word, he’ll ignore the Constitution, by imposing a religious test on immigrants and citizens alike.The press is reviled, financially desperate, and undergoing a crisis of faith about the very efficacy of gathering facts. In succession, he crushed two party establishments and ended two dynasties.The Democratic Party claims half the country, but it’s hollowed out at the core.How dependent are our fundamental values—values such as decency, reason, and compassion—on the fellow we’ve elected President? To be sure, the country voted for a leader who lives by the opposite code—it will be a long and dark winter—but the signs are that voters were not rejecting these values.They were rejecting élites, out of fear and fury that, when it came to them, these values had been abandoned.When Richard Nixon used the instruments of government to destroy political opponents, hide financial misdoings, and deceive the public about the Vietnam War, he very nearly got away with it.What stopped his crime spree was democratic institutions: the press, which pursued the story from the original break-in all the way to the Oval Office; the courts, which exposed the extent of criminality and later ruled impartially against Nixon’s claims of executive privilege; and Congress, which held revelatory hearings, and whose House Judiciary Committee voted on a bipartisan basis to impeach the President. (whose deputy director, Mark Felt, turned out to be Deep Throat, the Washington key source), officials fought the infection from inside.


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