Technology Changing The World Essay

The 21st century was never predicted to be what it is by our founding fathers.

The truth is nobody ever expected our country to come down to the way we see it today.

Did the people who wrote the fourth amendment take these things into account?

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You can view samples of our professional work here.Do the same principles and understandings still apply today? Justice Lewis Powell has even admitted that certain parts of Fourth Amendment law are "intolerably confusing." Some of the cases being presented before our judges today seem unreasonable and confusing.They find themselves making exceptions to the fourth amendment.Hence, Cloud computing is about moving services, computation and/or data-for cost and business advantage-off-site to an internal or external, location-transparent, centralized facility or contractor.By making data available in the cloud, it can be more easily and ubiquitously accessed, often at much lower cost, increasing its value by enabling opportunities for enhanced collaboration, integration, and analysis on a shared common platform.Today in airports and other facilities we all must go through a metal detector or have someone pass over us a hand-held detector.Who would've thought that we'd ever have such a thing like hidden cameras, or motion sensors? The fourth amendment protects us as citizens against unreasonable searches and seizures.Criminals can easily set up plans and use technology to their advantage.Also drug dealers with their pagers and cell phones can make "quick money" in a matter of a few seconds.Innovators are free to focus on the innovation rather than the logistics of finding and managing resources.Enterprises can choose to deploy applications on Public, Private or Hybrid clouds.


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