The Pit And The Pendulum Critical Essays

The story is about the elevated terrors experienced by an unnamed prisoner in a torture chamber, sentenced to death by sinister judges of the Spanish Inquisition.In complete darkness, he tries to measure the slimy cell's dimensions with a torn section of his robe, sees a mural of Father Time and a knife-edged pendulum from the ceiling that gradually descends to his seemingly certain death.

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Indeed, the morphing torture chamber, being sentence on unknown charges, the inaccurate historical account, could be Poe's way of expressing the whole story is the struggle, fear, and valiant effort to break free of mental illness.

This point is a reach, but we'll throw it out there for you to ponder. First, let's rule-out an "epigram" which is a concise, short, clever saying, which this is not; neither witty nor concise.

The difference between an "epitaph" and "epigraph": Both are profound quotes, poems or statements, the difference relates to where they appear.

An "epitaph" is inscribed on a tombstone or plaque; an "epigraph" appears at the opening of a literary composition.

Translation: Here an unholy mob of torturers with an insatiable thirst for innocent blood, once fed their long frenzy.

Now our homeland is safe, the funeral cave destroyed, and life and health appear where dreadful death once was.

His gift for writing about his own pain-- both physical and metaphysical-- keeps his readers coming back for more.: Both time periods in history are references, because Poe wants us to remember that persecution can be for many reasons.

Maybe that's why he doesn't clearly define the reason for the sentence.

Poe's story is in the darkest reaches of Dark Romanticism, in the genre of Gothic Literature due to its focus on pure terror, utter despair, and physical torture.

Poe brilliantly applied his personal experience suffering from mental illness to his canon of works, so readers become emersed in his senses of madness, obsession with death, and the supernatural.


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