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It has been criticized for being non-directive, and it certainly is not method which could be recommended for students who are learning English as part of a standard, compulsory education curriculum.The method assumes that students intrinsically to learn the new language and that is not always the case.The language-counseling relationship begins with the client’s linguistic confusion and conflict.

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Opinions from students are discussed in order to support the use of technological tools in language teaching.

Student feedback gleaned from qualitative and quantitative surveys about Moodle revealed that nearly all of the students surveyed enjoyed using Moodle and over three quarters thought that it encouraged them to read or write more.

The findings confirm that traditional ab initio Latin teaching approaches are not well-aligned with learners’ goals, establish the value of taking a broader approach to pedagogy and provide new ways of defining and investigating Latin reading skills.

This research has the potential to enhance Latin pedagogy in UK universities and other institutions.

The notion of using technology as a tool to deliver language learning is introduced, and Computer Mediated Communication (CMC) in a whole language context is also considered.

Whole language is introduced and cornerstones identified.

It makes a seminal contribution to applying language learning theories to Latin and suggests innovative methods for aligning students’ needs and expectations with their learning experience.

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Communicative language learning, student-centred learning, authentic assessment and materials, and meaningful and motivating content are explained with examples.

Social constructivism and its subcategories are also examined The methods used to demonstrate the role of technology in delivering whole language involve the presentation of the use of the Moodle Course Management System (CMS), Computer-Assisted Feedback and the weblog as tools to facilitate language learning.


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