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Proposed federalization, a reverse process This process of federalization as proposed is in the opposite historical direction of the formation of federal states.Federal systems are usually the results either of the agreement of several states to form a union or of the organization of several territories or colonies into a federal system by a colonial power.

Those calling for an end to Imperial Manila call for the federalization of the government as a means of breaking up its power and distributing it to several states so that there will be several centers of power throughout the nation.

For this purpose the advocates propose the conversion of the 12 existing administrative regions into 11 states.

The state governments will take charge of local matters like peace and order, trade and commerce, taxation, natural resources, etc.

It will be splitting the atom of sovereignty in order to produce several nuclei, this can be done in ten years?

In addition, the complaint is that the age-old conflicts and secessionist movements in Mindanao continue to defy solution.

All these – the failure of the LGUs to develop and the seemingly insoluble conflict in Mindanao – have been laid at the doorstep of Imperial Manila.Each will have its own constitution, its own government, and its own court system, in contrast to local governments which only exercise power given to them by the central government.Given the condition of the local government units, however, thoughtful citizens are asking whether we are ready for the federal system. Abueva, fervent advocate of federalism, estimates that ten years would be enough to make the proposed states viable. What federalization will entail Each state, as I have said, will have to have its own constitution.In 1944, the British government tried to organize them (except Singapore) into a single state, the Malayan Union, but strong opposition forced it to abandon the plan.Instead, on February 1, 1948 the Federation of Malaya, which later became the present Federation of Malaysia, was formed.More than the amendment of the Constitution is the amendment of men’s nature.This is likely to take a much longer period, not just years but perhaps a whole generation or several epochs.For better or for worse, the proposal to change our present unitary system of government to a federal system and to do this through Congress acting as a constituent assembly, if accomplished, will be a truly revolutionary one, a real paradigm shift in our constitutional order .Those calling for the change justify it by describing the object of change “Imperial Manila” or worse “Imperialist Manila.” Wikipedia defines the term as follows: “Imperial Manila is a pejorative epithet used by sectors of Philippine society and non-Manilans to express the idea that all the affairs of the Philippines, whether in politics, economy or culture, are decided by what goes on in the capital region, Metro Manila, without considering the needs of the rest of the country, largely because of centralized government and urbanite snobbery.” The once "distinguished and ever loyal city" of Manila must have become so hated that vivid metaphors have been employed to describe how it should be ended: “Destroy Imperial Manila,” “Castrate Imperial Manila,” and “Decapitate Imperial Manila.” Complaint vs Imperial Manila We have a unitary system of government, which in theory holds all power and from which all authority emanates.The complaint is that the power given to local governments is so little that they have failed to realize their fullest development as self reliant communities.With respect to public finance, the share of LGUs in the revenue from taxes, fees and charges collected by the government is fixed at 60-40 percent in favor of the central government.


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