Traditions Customs Essay

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The old school says that womenfolk must not indulge in decision making and only males must handle the external affairs.

However, this thinking pattern is changing with time as more and more women are emerging as leaders, business executives and teachers.

A Korean marriage does not mean the union of two individuals only, but also the unification of two families and two different lifestyles.

Matchmaking with the help of matchmakers ( is the name given to traditional Korean attire.

Bowing is equivalent to the handshake in Korean culture.

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Bowing means showing gratitude and respect to the person you are meeting with.Our culture is a big reflection of our great and complex history.It is influenced by most of the people we have interacted with.Individual dreams and needs are secondary and family welfare is the first and foremost goal of every family member.Confucius and his teachings have a deep impact on Koreans and that's why they believe in duty, loyalty, honor and sincerity.No indoor farewells, the removal of shoes before entering the house or dining room, and most importantly, only male hosts will serve the drinks.Buddhism is the main religion in Korea and its teachings reflect in Korean lifestyle, culture and arts.It is worn in marriage ceremonies, family functions and traditional festivals.It is also the official government and national dress in Korea.The younger generations have blended the western culture with their native culture by shaking hands after bowing to each other.Gifts have remained an integral part of their culture; however, gifts are always given according to the capacity and affordability of the other person because Koreans firmly believe in reciprocating.


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