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With the help of some servants, including one of Olivia’s ladies in waiting, Maria, they use a false letter to trick him into believing that Olivia is in love with him. We now learn that Viola’s twin brother, Sebastian, has also survived the shipwreck and with the help of Antonio, a pirate captain, goes into the town. She declares her love for him and they become engaged.

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Through Feste, all of the groups are connected by his free movement from one group to another as he is equally at home singing for Duke Orsino, or proving Lady Olivia to be a fool for so excessively mourning for her brother, or in planning a trick with Sir Toby.

Then outside of all of these groups stands Malvolio, Lady Olivia's puritanical steward.

Both Viola and Sebastian are, of course, later absorbed into the nobility of Illyria.

Then there is the merry group of pranksters, gullers, and tricksters, led by Sir Toby Belch and Maria; this group also includes Sir Andrew Aguecheek (who is included because his income supports the other members of this group), Fabian, and Feste, the Clown.

He has welcomed the absurd Sir Andrew Aguecheek, who is visiting him in the hope of being able to woo his niece, and encourages him in his hopeless venture, taking money from him and making fun of him.

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Their late night drinking and carousing has angered Malvolio, who threatens them.

The arrival of Viola's twin brother, Sebastian (previously presumed drowned), sorts everything out matrimonially.

Sebastian marries Olivia, Orsino marries Viola, and Sir Toby marries Maria for having played such an excellent trick on Malvolio.

In spite of her grief, she decides to be positive and seek a job in Illyria.

She has heard of the Duke and, with the help of a sea captain she disguises herself as a boy and is appointed as a page in Orsino’s household.


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