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When the weather allows, peruse a book and enjoy a matcha latte or an alien burrito on the patio.After your coffee, you can take a stroll through the neighboring park, which features natural dunes that once typified the local landscape.

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In the past, the museum has offered storytelling sessions and hosted talks and readings by visiting authors, artists, and art critics.

Since the exhibits change, there is always something new for locals to consider.

The people at the bar will tell you how Clark Gable drank there, waiting to hear whether his wife Carole Lombard had survived a plane crash.

More verifiably, Pioneer Saloon served as a location for the film adaptation of ; alas, the scene was left on the cutting room floor.

If you want to order from the seasonal menu, you’ll be handed what looks like a chapbook.

Each menu functions as a mini zine, featuring local artists and writers.Circus Circus PM If you can make it past the creepy clown sign in front of Circus Circus (2880 S Las Vegas Blvd), you can gamble on the only slot machine carousel in Vegas.The top level of the carousel serves as an ice cream parlor, although it used to be a bar, which was made famous in .Thanks to a recent acquisition by the Beverly Rogers, Carol C.Harter Black Mountain Institute, magazine now lives here, and the city continues to host the growing Vegas Valley Book Festival, an event which attracts over 10,000 attendees and authors from around the world.· FRIDAY · Located across the street from Sunset Park, Sunrise Coffee (3130 E Sunset Rd) serves organic fair trade coffee, pastries, and vegetarian or vegan sandwiches and wraps.A favorite hangout for writers, the shop occasionally hosts book releases by local authors, and Henderson Libraries recently added a mobile library kiosk to the patio so that patrons can access free books.In recent years, the festival has hosted talks by Adam Johnson, Cheryl Strayed, Colum Mc Cann, and Aimee Bender (among many others).Throughout the year, Black Mountain Institute—situated on the University of Nevada, Las Vegas campus—brings established and emerging writers for readings and panel discussions that are open to the general public.The casino offers daily circus acts, such as trapeze artists, jugglers, and clowns. Thompson describes it, “you’re down on the main floor playing blackjack, and the stakes are getting high when suddenly you chance to look up, and there, right smack above your head is a half-naked fourteen-year-old girl being chased through the air by a snarling wolverine, which is suddenly locked in a death battle with two silver-painted Polacks.” Pioneer Saloon PM A short drive outside of Vegas can land you in a century-old saloon with walls made of stamped tin (perforated by a few bullet holes).The Pioneer Saloon (310 NV-161) is nestled in Goodsprings, a tiny town just southwest of the city, the fading remnant of a once thriving mining operation.


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