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(NOTE: You must have Excel installed on your computer to view this file.

There are multiple ways to compute weighted grades.

Can we model the growth of internet usage in a country?

Do films with a more adult rating make more money that other rated films?

This course will consist of instructional videos for statistical concepts broken down into manageable chunks – each followed by some guided questions to help your understanding of the topic.

Most weeks, the instructional section will be followed by tutorial videos for using R, which we’ll then apply to a hands-on Lab where we will answer a specific question using real-world datasets.

Equal weighting: 10/10 and 10/20 = (100% 50%) / 2 = 75% (or you can think of converting it to equal points possible: 20/20 and 10/20 = 30/40)Proportional weighting: 10/10 and 10/20 = 20/30 = 66.7% The category total grade is then weighted according to the percentage you indicated for the entire category and combined with the other columns or categories you have included in the Weighted Total.

Sample weighted grade book with formulas and VLOOKUP for letter grade.

Why not just assign more points to the things that are harder? However, there is far more flexibility in weighting grades.

In a scenario where grades are weighted by category and the number of assignments in a category changes, no changes to the course points or syllabus would be necessary.


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