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Long live the riskiest assumption test by Rik Higham from the Experimentation Hub. this article is hot off-the-presses, our experiments are still up and running.’ We asked questions like, ‘Where are things already working well?’ ‘Who is succeeding, despite imperfect conditions?Launching an experiment creates a real, living, new product or service.In this case, a performance management system ‘prototype.’Our first step was to identify a series of risky assumptions — what absolutely must be true in order for the idea to succeed? Because if it’s not true, we’ve wasted precious time, money and resource.Translating, deploying and operating multilingual websites requires an unexpected variety of tasks and stakeholders, leading to continuous effort, hidden expense and slow entry into new markets.These challenges distract companies from operating their flagship websites, and puts their businesses at risk.Worse still, current employees are already spread thin, and can’t take on more work.Technology Most content-management platforms aren’t designed to manage multilingual websites, and fall short under the demands of day-to-day translation.“How do we manage the performance of our people more effectively? ”Whether you’re seeking to improve employee engagement or looking to create a more seamless customer experience, understanding what motivates people is key.” asks Sam Gowan, HR Head at the Office for National Statistics (ONS). At Fluxx, we’re just as at-home solving internal organisational problems as we are solving customer problems.


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