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For this sample project, I have designed a serious action physics tablet game to teach geometrical optics to students, ages between 13 to 16 old. One is to increase the number of students who choose STEM related majors in college to meet the nation’s need in STEM workforce and the other is raising the tomorrow’s generation in a way that they can understand science and technology and make wise decision.Ashley Burks is a youth program for African American and Hispanic high school students to create campaigns about issues they experience in their community.The online resource incorporates elements from cognitive theory for multimedia learning and social learning theory.

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Through the Silver Garden, Korean seniors will ease their social isolation, prevent depression, and learn basic mentoring skills.

Also, young adults will get to meet great mentors who are familiar with their situations and help them find better solutions to their problems.

I’m designing an online resource for SCSC facilitators and youth that provide training and facilitation tools, a curriculum and an online learning community.

The youth program is grounded in participatory action research.

Korea is one of the fastest aging countries in the world, and Korean seniors are facing significant social issues.

Even though their life expectancy has increased, and the percentage of highly educated seniors are increasing, they have much to contend with finding and living a meaningful life after retiring.reveals the imaginative side of science learning through a serious action physics game that teaches geometrical optics to middle and high school students.This research is focused on creating alternative game based learning environments in STEM learning for middle and high school students based on cognitive information processing theory.Throughout the program students learn digital design, social media marketing and event planning.They choose one of these areas as a specialization for the second semester, and at the end of the yearlong program students present their solution to the community by creating a social media campaign using original images/videos and presenting it at a community event.The program will present a web interactive cartoon and embedded mini game.It is based on a fictional adventure story about a girl detective who set out on a mission to find a missing friend.Students analyze their identity and community, and choose a social issue to solve.They develop the solution and use promotional skills to promote the solution.Parents and educators are always concerned how best to learn and educate children about it.There are ample information about safe behavior, but teaching children act upon instruction is difficult.


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